Title: The 60-year-old Internet celebrity "tide grandma" looks cool and beautiful in fashion
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: Many older women do start to feel visibly middle-aged as they get older, as their faces get a little tired and their outfits don't have enough energy. But there are some grannies over 60 who are more stylish than young people when it comes to how they dress, so learn from them. Even if the face is not young, but the interpretation of fashionable clothes will not be inferior to young people. More than 60 years old grandmother must be pay attention to the choice of the color in dress, though it is suggested that you throw on the concerns of the age, pick the color bright clothes, but these clothing will bring to the requirement of color of skin, keep good complexion, when there is no easy under the foil of the brightness of the color, let face more bleak. Avoid these minefields when choosing. The use of earth colors, such as khaki, camel dress, can create a very simple and generous charm, so that the 60-year-old grandmother to maintain a very simple style of dress. Some grannies are delicate from head to toe, which is reflected in their matching hats and accessories according to the style of the dress. Not only is the khaki dress conservative enough for grandma, but it also has a shape that doesn't look out of place or out of place when paired with more complex accessories like floral scarves. Try to be blended in with lubricious hat, more show elegant style. The choice of colour is to decide whether modelling presents the key that gives middle-aged feeling, observe a lot of old - fashioned wear build, you can get a conclusion, that is black is applied more, the more obscure, the more show heavy. Therefore, more than 60 years old grandma should try to use less black single products, change a color system, change a color matching way, will get a different temperament. Take the colour that is chosen in this group modelling for, the union between blue and white will never be out of date, and can join relaxed feeling in modelling forever. Cardigans are rich in design, but in the eyes of many girls, only black or white is suitable for them, which is not true. Like blackish green, dark green, purple, pink wait a few to be able to try heartily. The 62-year-old fashion blogger's green cardigan has a deep tone, so it's no less mature than black, and when paired with a white interior, the silhouette is curvy and further sophisticated. Cardigans that are too loose can widen the curves and make them look less proportioned. Cardigans that are too tight can also cause flab to squeeze out. How to strike a proper balance between these two scales is a problem that many older women need to consider. Can use the cardigan of slim figure style, but do not buckle it up, open directly, show inside inside build, just won't be bound by clothing. And matching pants should also be optimized in terms of leg lines, straight pants, wide-leg pants can achieve such a result. Older women will always consider whether it can handle comfortable in dressing, and whether the style can be versatile, but also a major focus they will pay attention to. Black suit can have both of these two advantages, with the interior, as long as the use of color and its lightness is not the same, can form a bright level of color, but also can enhance the aura, wear a sedate sense. Black suit has the most slimming effect. It mainly conceals the weight on women's shoulders and back, especially for those with broad shoulders and thick back. Such clothing can not only help them create a comfortable wear, but also form an optimal effect on body shape. What should you wear under your suit? Actually this point does not need too much worry, because no matter be T shirt, shirt or knit uncut upper garment can be combined with it for a whole, just color respect is cast off as far as possible with lubricious combination, lest black join too much, modelling is a bit boring. No matter which country more than 60 years old grandma, love this single suit, but the style can also have two choices, a little loose, comfortable to wear, a little slim, can better highlight the state of neat and beautiful curve. This suit, for example, will be tightened around the waist, especially when the buttons are buttoned up, the whole body will become clearer. The choice of the interior should not be too crowded, so as not to stretch the curve. Suits are divided into a variety of color composition of some single style, let a person feel not new enough, gradually derived from the color of the suit layout, and the selection of color block is the key. Like this small suit, its whole color stitching is very conventional, and presents a large area of white overlay, so the interpretation of the picture is very grand. The grandma that passes 60 years still has the tide strength that does not lose a youth, the tie-in means that can learn them in autumn, will deduce an advanced and modern effect. A black small coat, try to add wave point, instant full of thick French elegance temperament. Grandma can also try to do some articles in the lips, such as adding red lips, face modification, can also add pearl necklace, expensive sense of structure.Read more at: royal blue formal dresses | pink formal dress