Title: What goes under a fall coat?
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: After entering autumn, all sorts of coat come on stage in succession, be like coat of suit, long windbreaker, bullock, also perhaps vest of suit majia, long coat, these odd taste classic and practical warm keeping warm is comfortable, but what build inside makes a lot of people headache unceasingly all the time, build thick to worry bloated and depressing inside, build flowery to worry about a guest usurp host again inside. If you're struggling with this, take a look at this shared daily dress demo. What goes under a fall coat? These 4 kinds of elegant and comfortable temperament, daily bloggers are wearing, hope to help you! A, shirt, Shirt as autumn fold wear leading role, can be worn as a single coat, can also act as a coat and bottom unlined upper garment between the cohesion of the single product, to create three layers to wear, how can autumn lack? And shirts are versatile, practical and easy to wear, like a suit, a trench coat, a cardigan, a tweed coat, or a long coat. If you don't know how to match a shirt, consider it. In this combination, shirt color, collar and pattern are key. Generally speaking, if the coat is black, dark blue and other dark, or earth color, then the shirt is the best choice of beige, white or apricot and other soft colors, with ribbon design, easily add a touch of light ripening feeling. White shirt is the most not to pick the practical money, because the tone is clean and pure, white shirt can also highlight the middle-aged woman's own decent and senior good temperament, especially suitable for black, navy blue suit, long coat. White shirt with lantern sleeve is nifty and elegant, which is used to match black suit. The sense of cleft is instantly transformed into delicate and clever, and the waist line is emphasized with high waist skirt, which is full of feminine flavor. Second, the T-shirt A lot of people may feel that t-shirts are exclusive to the summer, after autumn rush to put it away, but t-shirts can be called autumn fold wear magic weapon. T-shirt main advantage depends on recreational feeling is strong, and good collocation, no matter what to wear in autumn, fold a T-shirt inside, the overstaffed feeling of integral modelling and depressing feeling disappear instantly without trace, still can infuse modelling with a casual tonality, promote fashionable feeling. When the coat is brunet especially when fasten, white T can say optimal choice, both not noisy guest usurp host, mix with the aid of again make modelling upgrade. If you are wearing a long or medium length coat, plain white T or casual letter T-shirt can also play a diversion role, easily make the center of gravity of the dress up, and with the long coat to form a "short" combination. For example, the waist suit is used here to match white T. The length of the inside and outside is different and it is easy to strengthen the depth feeling, showing high and thin and fashionable. Three, high neck bottom shirt On elegant and comfortable show temperament, how can you get high collar bottom unlined upper garment little? Serve as autumn all-purpose sheet to taste, after tall collar bottom unlined upper garment and coat, windbreaker, business suit or long ma3 jia3 of business suit do collocation, satisfied middle-aged woman pair of comfortable and temperature pursuit already, high collar design can further highlight a complete face model, very accord with the good temperament of middle-aged woman grace and intellectuality. Like dark gray, dark black or navy turtleneck tops, fall can be slimming under a long coat. When wearing a turtleneck bottom shirt, the shape and face are the key factors affecting the dressing effect. Above all on version model, more suggest everybody uses cultivate one's morality money, make long coat cast off bloated feeling thereby. And on color, besides black, gray, coffee color, caramel color, red brown or wine red also suits autumn very much, or ginger yellow, lake blue. Thin sweaters with low collars A high-necked sweater is practical and elegant, but it is not suitable for round faces and short necks. In this case, we can choose a low-necked thin sweater. The advantage of a low-necked thin knit is that it doesn't pick on people or face shapes, making it stress-free to pull off a round or square face. It is especially used for matching the long coat with the lead design, which can also avoid the wearing burden caused by the superposition of the collar type. Black, gray, beige, coffee, or any other earthy color with a low neck and thin knit is a great fall look. When matching, we can use the same color or adjacent color matching method to strengthen the sense of coordination. If the coat is light pink, then gray and black can be chosen for the inner match, so as to play a balancing role. Vice versa, when the coat color is dark, the inner match can choose ginger and wine red.Read more at: adelaide formal dress shops | evening dresses perth