Title: "Down jacket + trousers, dress", fashion warm both wrong
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Blog Entry: Women in their fifties and sixties are not too fashion-conscious. They pay more attention to whether they are comfortable to wear, whether they are beautiful and whether they are cost-effective. At this time, they will make use of some seemingly ordinary but very advantageous items in the selection of winter clothing, and the down jacket is a typical one. Women of more than 50 years old can try to use down jacket and trousers or dress superimposed together, so matching, warm and atmospheric. 01 Down jacket + trousers Down jacket is a winter season is bound to appear and the appearance of the "guest", it has a lot of fans, but, we like it is the solid thermal effect, rather than the appearance of how outstanding, how excellent. Women don't have to limit themselves entirely to black when choosing a down jacket. Like this olive green down jacket, it is very suitable for women in their 50s, the appearance is monotonous, but it will not be too dull, with black pants, can reflect the simple sense of modelling collocation. However, the popularity of the black down jacket is still unique. It is a kind of single item suitable for all ages in winter. There are no restrictions on many rules and regulations, and it can also make women play with ease when matching clothes, especially handy. The Japanese model, who is in her fifties, uses a classically coloured down jacket with grey tracksuit pants, adding a burst of life to the otherwise bland down jacket. The balance that goes up in style so, can reduce old air feeling, reduce cost feeling, still can have the help of the down jacket of upper body, will decorate overstaffed bodily form. Down jacket choice actually also has the distinction of style respect, the most obvious is that some look very wide, very expansive, some retain the design of self-cultivation, it will not look fat. Like this down jacket, belong to the latter, its design is actually the most classic kind, without the addition of too much novel elements, but can let it retain a higher frequency of use. When matching this kind of clothing, you can use slim pants, such as pants with narrow pants, so as to avoid wide and big pants, wearing a little cumbersome. Down jacket can choose a lot of styles, there are no many restrictions on the type of pants it can match, if only black, white and gray color limitation, it is too narrow and no change at all, might as well try green wear this winter. For example, the combination of military green down jacket and light green pants can make use of different shades of color to construct a group of very harmonious color matching and harmonious modeling. The union of this kind of color, had not had sufficient window, but become a few distinguishing features below the contrast of black again, suit to have been used to the female of black aesthetic fatigue. 02 Down jacket + dress Down jackets can be worn with a variety of items, in addition to pants, dresses can also be seen in winter. Its smooth design avoids too many matching steps and tedious links, so that women can always wear a concise effect. Like this down jacket, what is superimposed inside is a knitted dress. Its thickness is obvious, its material is comfortable, and it has certain elasticity. It can relax the requirements of the figure, and the simple and refreshing blue can break through the dark feeling of the external down jacket. Inside down jacket, can put on all sorts of colour perhaps be the dress of all sorts of styles, qualitative respect always should use knitting design not necessarily, want to do the most basic bottom job only sometimes, the dress on the outside, also won't let a person feel cold. Rich in his fifties, preferred choice is the collocation of down jacket, shirt, skirt and black can see significant difference between this kind of colour, and the shirt skirt itself on the formation of style atmosphere, cooperate with the same style similar down jacket, can also lead to a complete set of outfit distilled the simple beauty of middle-aged women is very thorough. 03 What shoes do you wear? Down jacket in addition to pay attention to the choice of lower body clothing, the shoes should also coordinate the style, so as not to produce between each other, not harmonious problem. If you choose blue jeans, then the use of shoes can be more casual. For example, simple canvas shoes, it can be in the shape of a very casual or very youthful feeling. The combined down jacket style does not need to be too long, medium long style is the most appropriate. Some people feel that espadrilles belong in the single-shoe category, which is thin and a bit cold, and prefer ankle boots to complement their down jackets. For example, a set of wear, it is very representative of a group of collocation. The color of this down jacket is very light and does not show old age, the color of pants is consistent with it, and its design is very neat, put its pants into the ankle boots, and will lead to a lot of clear leg lines, belongs to a very obvious leg type, can modify the leg of a collocation scheme.Read more at: formal dresses | plus size formal dresses australia