Title: The WoW Classic Season of Mastery starts this week
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Blog Entry: For now, players can expect server resets and downtime in Season of Mastery every Tuesday morning around roughly 10am EST along with the weekly resets of all WoW games. With Blizzard opening the door to Classic+ changes with Season of Mastery, we may see regular updates with further changes in their patch notes. Blizzard is priming something new for WoW Classic this week with the Season of Mastery release date.Unlike in the past when new phases have ushered in fresh content, this week's World of Warcraft TBC update will make it possible for players to start fresh on a level playing field, allowing new and current Classic players to begin anew at level 1 for a complete reset of WoW Classic's content. When is the WoW Classic Season of Mastery release date? The WoW Classic Season of Mastery release date was Tuesday 16th November 2021 in North America.The release time was set for 3pm PDT on Tuesday, which works out as 11pm GMT and 12am on 17th November for those playing on European servers. The biggest change coming to WoW Classic’s mechanics during the Season of Mastery will be the previously revealed increased experience gains that players receive while progressing to level 60. In a post on the official WoW forums earlier today, Blizzard revealed that changes to the leveling process will also be made in the way that players earn gear, in addition to many other changes. Leveling gear such as dungeon and reputation items gained from some of the game’s later instances will be available earlier than they were in the original release of WoW and WoW Classic. WoW Classic Season of Mastery gameplay World of Warcraft fans know the drill by now when it comes to gameplay, so expect all the elements you love, but with some extra additions to shake things up a little.Blizzard has confirmed there will be faster levelling and other improvements that weren’t in the first WoW Classic release.Want to see what the game will look like in action? Here is a video that shows off the WoW Classic Season of Mastery gameplay!We Z2U.COM is the most secured trading WoW Classic Season of Mastery Gold platform for you!