Title: Fashionable and delicate middle-aged women, like "coat + scarf" collocation
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: Coat no matter how color, it is one of the best products in winter, but only put on it and a variety of interior match, some monotonous. Fashionable and delicate middle-aged woman, won't be limited to this, they love to use coat and scarf very perhaps it is silk scarf suitable, join window, structure gives more full-bodied characteristic, good-looking and advanced! 01 Choose solid colors for coats Generally, in order to have more possibilities or wider choices when choosing scarves or scarves, the color selection of coats does not need to be too prominent and eye-catching. Some pure color series can be used to construct an elegant dress and form a very simple and beautiful shape. Like this long coat, its color is very basic and pure, belonging to the most able to tolerate the age of middle-aged women and their figure, skin tone of the single article. For example, the coat with simple appearance design and a little plain sense, silk scarves or scarves are more diversified. Long coat as very easy to enhance the temperament of the single article, has been in the hearts of women occupy an irreplaceable position, however, want to make it present a different from the general coat wear fashionable sense, or in the details of the place to do some articles. Long coat of pure color, for example, the color of this coat is very dark, so in addition to taking other colors of the interior or skirt to break its dark background, you can also add the pairing of printed silk scarf, can make the long coat of pure color look no longer boring. Like the selection of this silk scarf is very in place, because of its whole colour joining together, the colour of the skirt outfit that can match with the coat color of the coat and the lower half body forms echo, more can reveal the qiao think that shows individual dress respect and wisdom. 02 Coat + silk scarf Coat is very suitable for middle-aged women to use, with the increase of their experience, will only have more sufficient temperament to control this single article, and the selection of color without a lot of attention, as long as the use of a few more familiar colors. Like this a set of outfit, use to are very simple colors, they match together, displayed the visual contrast particularly conspicuous, cooperate with silk scarves with the adornment of the printing, just can make up for the inadequacy of inside a white shirt is very dull, coruscate gives different light, ornament effect obviously, but also cover the neck a bit blank. The combination of coat and silk scarf mainly balances the relationship between colors. As long as the color is well chosen, no matter how old women are, they can find a kind of matching scheme that allows them to quickly present a sense of beauty. The color of this coat is very mild, and the matching color is relatively generous. The color application of the silk scarf is actually similar to the matching color system. They all have common features. Silk scarves are not only used for decoration, sometimes they can also bring a covering effect on the neck, when the neckline of clothing is not too high, you can use silk scarves around the neck in this way to protect against the cold wind. Like this silk scarf, its color is composed of black and white, but the whole will not look too simple. What cooperate is a bit drab white inside take and the black coat of the coat, the design that chooses is relatively single also, just can use silk scarf to build the effect that gives icing on the cake. 03 Coat + scarf Silk scarves and scarves are the pieces that can be integrated into the decorative effect in the shape, but they are somewhat different in the appearance of the construction. Scarves are thicker and softer to the touch, while silk scarves are much smoother and have a much smaller shape. Like this scarf, it keeps you warmer than a silk scarf and can be hung over your shoulders to create layers. Of this kind of color fastens choose, very accord with the age characteristic of middle-aged female, won't appear flighty, also won't look too impetuous, perhaps it is to look too too profusion is flowery. When women do not know how to choose the color of the scarf, they can directly use the color matching method of the same tone of the coat and scarf to simplify the color and effectively highlight the advanced beauty of the shape. Like this grey coat, it's paired with a scarf of the same color and wrapped around the neck in a casual way. It not only strengthens the heat preservation effect on the neck, but also makes wearing look particularly comfortable. Cooperate with the plan that encircle, can wrap a part of chin line or the area that is neck, achieve foil face small effect. Fashionable and tasteful middle-aged women, they can use all sorts of accessories to adorn the coat that looks plain, no matter be silk scarf or scarf, they can join all sorts of elegant demeanour in modelling, play a decorative role and practical value. The coat material used in this set of wearing is relatively simple, the structure of the shape is not too long, and the combination of the belt is used to modify the proportion. The color of the scarf should not be too bright, and the color should be kept quietly elegant and mild, so as to make the female temperament become soft and full of tenderness.Read more at: short evening dresses australia | long evening dress