Title: That's what the little man wears when it's cold
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: Winter use dressing to become beautiful counter attack, for most people in fact as long as mastering skills wouldn't be too difficult, but a little different, because the height is not tall enough, little girl should not only pay attention to the collocation skill, also considering all aspects of the clothing, winter choice, don't focus on light coat like pants, the collocation of shoes are equally important. So how should a short girl wear pants and shoes in winter? The answer is a combination of thigh-high boots, ankle boots, loafers, sneakers and pointy toes. The day is cold small man wear so, "small foot pants + these 5 pairs of shoes", elegant fashion and show proportion! One, small foot pants + boots The reason why small women are recommended to choose small pants is that they are in the shape of tight pants, which can highlight the curve of the leg and have a visual contraction effect, rather than the swelling sensation of wide-leg pants. In addition to slimming legs, wearing pants can also make the outfit more flexible, suitable for small girls who love fashion. For example, small foot pants are very diverse on jacket choice, no matter it is slim jacket, loose sweater or all sorts of loose coat, combination of small foot pants will not go wrong, can build even a loose union, relaxation degree collocation effect. Next, the shoe that small foot pants can combine is numerous, deduce enough different vogue. The most recommended boots are the ones above, which are easy to handle and stylish due to their length near the knee. More importantly, this kind of knee-high boots and small pants are very suitable, the connection between the two is perfect and smooth, while stretching the length of the leg and avoiding the drag of the lower body, which is helpful for the small girls to improve the style of turning heads. They can be black knee-high or white knee-high. Among them, white knee-high boots are very elegant and generous, and the combination of black pants or jeans pants, delicate and beautiful. Black and knee boots are relatively more versatile and practical, there is no great restriction on the choice of top and small foot pants, but it is best to choose a slightly loose style to enhance the tolerance of boots on the calf, like leg bending, small foot muscles and other problems can be solved. Use "small foot pants + long boots" when building a law, jacket had better choose a few loose suit, woolen coat or sweater, through fluctuation sheet the loose contrast that tastes creates administrative levels feeling. Two, small foot pants + short boots Boots are more recognizable in winter than other footwear items, among which ankle boots are more stylish and stylish than thigh-high boots. How could a small girl not love it? However short boot design is too much, small head girl had better choose the short boot design that takes bit height slightly, follow short boot like cat, medium thick follow short boot, stretch leg length easily. Secondly, the boot type design used by the boots directly determines the effect of wearing, such as pointed short boots give people the feeling of both elegant fashion and bring their own sense of extension, very friendly to the small middle-aged girls, with long clothes minutes show high show thin. Square ankle boots are more modern and can break the monotony of a basic look. When we combine a jacket with small pants, we can use square ankle boots to make a response to the top. One detail to note here is that leggings don't just refer to leggings. When the top is too short, opt for bunched or tapered leggings to be more curly-legged. Loafers Winter pants are mostly in black, white or denim blue, especially black leggings, low-key and practical. Wear these pants with a long coat or a mid-length coat can create a combination of tension, but in the choice of shoes, you need to avoid shoes that are too wide. The black flat loafers are not only beautiful, but also visually extended, comfortable and delicate because they are the same color as the small foot pants. Four, pointed shoes As we said before, the style presented by different shoe types is also different. Round toe shoes are more playful and round, while pointed toe shoes are delicate and elegant. A pair of pointy toes, such as pointy cat heels, should be in your shoe cabinet if you are in middle age. Add a feminine touch to your outfit and show off your curves and slim figure in winter with skinny pants or tapered jeans. Five, the sneakers Sneakers can also be a good choice when paired with small pants, such as dad shoes, small white shoes or canvas shoes. If you're into casual and cool street style, you can use dad shoes to add height and sparkle to your outfit. For example, choose black with the same color as the pants, which gives a few minutes of fashion in simple. Or use black canvas shoe echo to fasten coat with the same color, small foot pants act as join sheet to taste, integral modelling agile good-looking.Read more at: year 10 formal dresses | formal dress for girls