Title: Attention should Be Paid to The Use and Maintenance of Solar Batteries
Tags: Deep Cycle Gel Battery
Blog Entry:  As a disposable or secondary product, batteries bring convenience to people's lives, but there are also environmental pollution problems. In order to solve the problems caused by disposable batteries and their own defects, manufacturers have also created deep cycle batteries , gel batteries , and other powerful products. Among them, solar energy as a new type of clean energy has been highly praised by environmentalists for a long time, but the environment is uncertain and changing. What to do when there is no sun? Solar batteries exist for this situation. But it is worth noting that these things should also be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of solar batteries. (1) The working temperature is 15~20℃ (2) The method of connecting the solar battery is as follows: connect the positive pole of the solar battery to the positive pole, and the negative pole to the negative pole. In this way, the power of the solar battery is doubled, and the voltage is the same as that of a solar battery. The poles of the solar battery must not be short-circuited (meeting). (3)对于新装或翻新后首次充电的太阳能电池,应长时间充电。 初次充电应以额定容量1/10的电流充电。 安装前,需要测量电池是否充足。 如果电量不足,请在阳光充足的地方将电池充电8-16小时以上或先使用交流电源将电池充满电。 应严格避免过放充电。 使用交流电正常充电时,最好采用分级充电方式,即在充电初期,用恒流大电流进行均衡,充电至均衡电压,保持恒压在一定时期内, (4) 保持电池本身清洁。 安装好的太阳能电池极柱应涂凡士林,防止极柱腐蚀。 (5)配置太阳能电池在线监测管理技术,对太阳能电池内阻进行在线测量和分析,及时发现电池缺陷,及时进行维护。 (6) 冬季防止太阳能电池冻裂,夏季避免阳光直射,并将太阳能电池置于通风阴凉处。 常熟万隆动力科技研发有限公司是一家来自中国 的铅酸电池制造商  和 蓄电池制造商  。 公司常年销售 12v深循环胶体电池  和 密封胶体电池  。 质量达到国际标准,性能卓越。