Title: You can always trust "black pants" in winter
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: There are many colors of pants, but if you want to choose a pair of classic and versatile pants, I believe many people will choose black. Maybe because it is too common, black pants have always become a hidden item in the wardrobe. We often ignore its existence, but it is the most versatile and practical item that can bring us a sense of security. In winter, you can always believe in "black pants". It has its own subtle and elegant temperament and can be the base color of all outfits. No matter what color top you wear, you can match black pants. Pick people, and they look good in any combination. This issue has carefully selected 4 pairs of black pants for everyone, I believe you will also rediscover its beauty. 1: Black nine-point long cigarette pants The cigarette pants are slim but not too tight. They are neat and thin and can modify the shape of your legs. If you are not confident about your leg shape, then black cigarette pants are the savior. The black cigarette pants are in a nine-point-long style, revealing the instep and slender ankles, which have a visually thinner and taller effect, and are cleaner and neater. In terms of matching, you can use it to match a regular sweater or a suit jacket, which is elegant and a little intellectual, simple and beautiful. If you want to be more advanced, you can choose black cigarette pants made of leather. The unique texture and luster of leather make it look more advanced. Pair it with a black turtleneck and a "Little Fragrance" tweed jacket, or pair it with an off-white cable-knit sweater for a sweet and cool look. 2: black tights Although wide-leg pants and straight-leg pants are more popular in recent years, no matter how the trend changes, black tights are always out of date. When you don't know what pants to wear in winter, a pair of black tights will never go wrong. In the street photos of fashionistas, black skinny jeans are the pants with the highest appearance rate. They are not only thin and stylish, but most importantly, they are versatile, whether they are matched with windbreakers, down jackets or even Chinese retro style jackets, black tights We can adapt to all changes without change. We only need to learn from the outfits of the fashionistas in the picture above, and we can wear them in style and make them beautiful throughout the winter. Dressing in winter, bottoming shirts, sweaters and coats are stacked on top of each other, it is easy to look bloated, and it is all about the bottoms to look thin. No matter how thick the upper body is, as long as you match it with a pair of skinny jeans to show your slender legs, you can Dissolve the heavy and clumsy upper body clothes, from black coats, red sweaters to small suit jackets, with black skinny jeans are perfect, so that the overall dress presents a simple and neat feeling, looks very thin. 3: black straight trousers The straight-leg trousers look very straight, the looseness is just right, and there is no sense of restraint, so it is very comfortable to wear. At the same time, the straight-type trousers can modify the leg line, which is very suitable for O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs and other leg shapes that are not perfect. Office workers are especially suitable for wearing black straight trousers with a black suit jacket to create an elegant and intellectual commuting look. If you want to wear a fashionable athflow style, you can match it with white shoes or dad sneakers, and add a black baseball cap to become a fashionista. Earth-colored items are very mainstream fashion items in winter, such as brown, camel coats, khaki trench coats, etc., which are all must-have items that are both elegant and aura. The earth-colored coat is paired with black high-waisted straight-leg trousers. The tones of both are quiet, but they can set off each other with a more advanced texture. The overall color matching is low-key and quiet but very elegant, looking simple but not simple. Show unique taste. 4: Black wide-leg pants Wide-leg trousers can best interpret the aura of a fashionable "big woman". The loose version can be worn freely and is more elegant and agile when walking. The drapey black wide-leg pants are versatile and thin, so you don't have to worry about being fat, and you can easily wear long legs. In winter, wear black wide-leg pants with gray, camel coats or other earth-colored trench coats, walk with the wind, free and easy, simple and elegant without losing the elegance and femininity.Read more at: blue prom dresses | dark green prom dresses uk