Title: China Blackout Curtain Fabric Company Introduces The Matching Requirements Of Different Color Curtains
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Blog Entry: As the center of home decoration, the design and collocation of every part of the living room are closely related to the effect of home design, especially for large areas such as curtains, which cannot be ignored! Below, China Blackout Curtain Fabric Company introduces the color matching requirements of curtains: 1. Blue tones Timeless classic blue, simple and elegant, like the sky at dusk, thought-provoking and reassuring. 2. Green tones Refreshing green can make people feel relaxed and happy, and create a quiet and comfortable cool space in the hot summer. 3. Milk tea shades The gentle and healing milk tea color is spliced ​​with a touch of tranquil sea salt blue to create a romantic and artistic living room space atmosphere. 4. Brown tones Brown is the basic earth tone, reminiscent of dense jungles, its gentle gentleman's feelings, inheriting the broad and inclusive nature, with a high-end, nostalgic atmosphere. 5. Grey tones High-grade gray-tone curtains are a versatile color that has exploded in recent years, which can easily create a low-key yet elegant home space. Through the above introduction, China Antibacterial Fabrics Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article for future use.