Title: A Timeless & Elegant Winter Micro Wedding
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Blog Entry: Today's wedding is filled with the joy of long-distance love fulfilled, the most amazing winter sunlight, and the pretty Cotswolds village backdrop. The couple received special permission to marry during the lockdown, when government guidelines permitted weddings for 6 people, such as the couple, and just in exceptional circumstances. Kathryn's dress would be a beautifully cut, classically elegant design, having a wrap by I especially love the bateau style neckline – such simple perfection using the contrast from the statement bow in the back, and also the  princess wedding dresses . "I thought about being classic and never wearing something too trendy that I may eventually regret. I wore a lace veil, and I am so happy that I did. It helped me feel like a genuine bride!" "Rowley's grandparents married within the Church and the dad is buried there. We met through mutual friends while I was residing in England after university." "We dated for four years before marrying. Two along with half of these years were long-distance. Due to our circumstance to be apart for such a long time, I was only engaged for around 3 months."  Here Inside the church would be a spectacular floral installation that looked as though it had grown up in the ground – full of trailing ferns and greenery, roses, snapdragons, tulips, and a lot of other beauties besides. Kathryn, her mom, and her brother were driven towards the church inside a vintage Rolls Royce, and Kathryn was accompanied on the aisle by her brother. Rowley waited through the altar, wearing a good morning suit and Hermes tie owned by his beloved dad, that they had worn on his big day. Kathryn also gifted Rowley a signet ring. As they spoke their vows one to the other, Kathryn and Rowley solidified their resolve for each other with the rings, that they chose in Cheltenham. Benjamin's work beautifully combines artwork style with your grace and sensitivity. "Benjamin's style was precisely what I wanted. I knew I wanted more candid photos rather than posed, and the man would capture the flow and emotions from the day perfectly." "We were so comfortable at the time and I would recommend him to everyone. I would put on my small wedding dress anytime simply to shoot with Benjamin again." Words of Wedded Wisdom "Don't get caught up in the details or be worried about making others happy with your decisions. Don't your investment true reason for that day and such a marriage truly means?" Article produced at: