Title: World of Warcraft: Capital Cities Receiving An Update In Upcoming Patch
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Blog Entry: World of Warcraft: Capital Cities Receiving An Update In Upcoming Patch This year is slated to be a busy one for the Warcraft franchise, as the announcement of the next World of Warcraft expansion was swiftly followed up with the unveiling of Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a mobile game set in the world of Azeroth. However, while Dragonflight promises a return to many beloved features and themes of Blizzard Entertainment's venerable MMO, World of Warcraft is still in its Shadowlands expansion – and some upcoming changes may arrive sooner rather than later.To get more news about  Buy WoW WLK Items , you can visit official website. The capital cities of the Horde and the Alliance have received a lot of love over the years, constantly being tweaked to either show the passage of time or in Cataclysm's case – rebuilt to accommodate flying mounts in old Azeroth zones. With Dragonflight looming on the horizon and cross-faction content coming to World of Warcraft in the next patch, there has been a change to Stormwind and Orgrimmar with interesting implications. MrGM, a reputable member of World of Warcraft's community, created a Reddit post with a breakdown of the changes made to the capital cities with Patch 9.2.5 – the main one being the addition of stables to (seemingly) more accessible parts of Orgrimmar and Stormwind. This update seems to imply that Blizzard Entertainment is interested in providing new players an easier and more streamlined experience in learning their riding skills after leaving Exile's Reach – or the new Dracthyr starter zone due to arrive in Dragonflight. In the case of Stormwind, the new stables would be across the Trade District at the entrance to the Mage Quarter, while Orgrimmar's stables would now be just outside Grommash Hold in place of the Guild Master tent. As far as more comprehensive changes to the capital cities, a revamp of the docks was teased for Dragonflight. Despite this, it is becoming apparent that World of Warcraft players yearn for something more. By the time the next expansion is released, Cataclysm's redesign will have been twice as old as the classic Azeroth it was meant to replace. While players argue that the old zones have started to show their age compared to the wondrous environments of the Dragon Isles, it is yet unknown if Blizzard is planning to do a full-scale remaster along the lines of Final Fantasy 14 in the near future. One thing seems to be clear: Blizzard still strives to make World of Warcraft as accessible and easy to pick up as ever, a gamble that won the hearts of many in the gaming world back in 2004 and a pillar of the game's philosophy that still stands almost two decades since.