Title: World of Warcraft Reveals New Dragonflight Expansion
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Blog Entry: World of Warcraft Reveals New Dragonflight Expansion After months of rampant speculation, World of Warcraft has announced its ninth expansion. Titled Dragonflight, World of Warcraft is bringing players to the storied Dragon Isles and adding a slew of new game features.To get more news about  Buy WoW WLK Items , you can visit official website. The Dragon Isles are the ancestral capital of the dragons. Shrouded by titan technology for millennia, this location of World of Warcraft legend has reawakened, calling dragons from across Azeroth back home.Beyond five new draconic zones full of dungeons and raids to explore, Dragonflight is adding a new race/class combo–the Dracthyr Evoker. These winged draconic humanoids channel the power of the five dragonflights to damage foes or heal allies as the Evoker–a Dracthyr-exclusive hero class, and the only one available to the new race. World of Warcraft is also revamping its talent and profession systems once again, as well as its user interface. Lastly, a new flying system called Dragonriding is coming, which allows players to customize a draconic steed to take to the skies with special maneuvers and physics. The Dragonflight announcement may not come as a surprise to all World of Warcraft fans. There have been rumors and leaks of an impending dragon-themed expansion in WoW for months now. A few weeks ago, the key art for Dragonflight circulated the internet, spurring further speculation. World of Warcraft’s official announcement confirmed many of those rumors were true, though plenty others remain unconfirmed or disproved. Many fans are thrilled by what they saw in the Dragonflight announcement. The How To Train Your Dragon-esque vibe of the expansion is a refreshing, grounded break from the high concepts of Shadowlands, and many WoW fans cannot wait to experience a truly Azerothian story once again. The dragons of Warcraft are one of its most popular aspects, so an expansion focusing upon the winged leviathans is exactly what many fans were hoping for. That said, plenty of World of Warcraft fans are holding their applause for now. World of Warcraft has lost a lot of its good faith over the last couple of years between the unpopular Shadowlands expansion and the sexual assault and discrimination allegations levied against Blizzard. It is fair to note, however, that the company has begun to take strides to fix this, between hiring a new DE&I lead at Blizzard, and by featuring a diverse set of developers during its announcement stream. Fans and critics alike will be watching World of Warcraft closely as more information on Dragonflight surfaces, where they will see how much Blizzard has learned from the mistakes of its past.