Title: Magnetic fixed shower head, simple and practical
Tags: rain shower columns
Blog Entry: When showering, the bathroom is full of smoke and water vapor. Do you often encounter washing your hair with your eyes closed, and you want to hang the shower back to its original position at this time, and you can't find rain shower columns , which is very laborious? The bathroom of the new home is so beautiful, but when choosing the shower, I found that the building materials market are all the same styles. Why is it so difficult to want a high-value shower? That is you haven't met our YUSON sensor shower. Using the patented magnetic technology, the shower head is fixed with the suction force of the magnet, which is simple and practical. Even if you close your eyes when you take a bath and let the shower head go, it seems that there is a strong magnetic force, allowing the shower to return accurately and accurately, just like our pull-out faucet; it eliminates the need to hold the shower. Put inconvenient trouble. Of course, the support of the magnetic shower head is more stable than the shower support we use most often because of the magnetic technology and ball head structure. And the shower support we often use is the wall support. This kind of support will loosen and sag after using for a long time, causing problems such as poor adjustment of the spray direction. Speaking of beauty, the elegant shape matches the elegant color surface, which stands out among the many showers. At first glance, it is deeply attracted by its beauty. The YUSON induction shower contains 6 water outlet modes, which fully caters to the needs of your family, allowing you and your family to choose the shower mode as you like. Looking for it, it turns out that this is the shower you want. For specific product details, please feel free to contact us: sliding shower sets .