Title: 40+ women dress collocation, to avoid these three mistakes
Blog Entry: In the process of dressing in the past, women can certainly gain experience in dressing, but there are some people, they are not good at summing up, often hit a wall in dressing collocation, unable to reflect more adequate charm and beauty with the help of dressing. If you're a woman over 40, don't make these three mistakes to dress decently. You can only improve your look by avoiding the minefield properly. 01 Don't shorten the sleeves and hem of the dress Summer sheet tastes choose nature is very broad, but in choosing a respect must have directivity. For example, dress as the main clothing, first choose color, and then pay attention to the details of the structure, do not blindly pursue cool feeling and try to halter dress or short style dress items, after all, there will be some defects in the arms and legs, if there is no fabric cover will be magnified. Ladies who are pushing their way in an elegant fashion can use this floral dress with French flair for a slightly retro look. The cuffs of this dress are slightly wider in outline, but because they only cover the area above the elbow, they don't inflate the entire arm line, but rather give it more character. Simple V gets cut out, reveal trifles skin, won't let multifarious design and color disturb the line of sight of everybody. Those that can reveal skin or curve in a large area of skirt outfit single article, can let a woman's sex appeal get greatly promotion indeed, but the exposure to the figure that follows also can let them show some inadequacy. Resemble this dress, it won't form beyond the mark the style with hot heat, have appropriate however the cut out of medium regular moment, won't cover whole arm, reveal trifling line, nature is more relaxed, the whiteness of leg ministry skin won't be overmuch, but also can show a few minutes thin beauty. In the selection of dresses, there is no need to pursue overly conservative design, can not ignore the body characteristics, and choose those can not control the single product. Whether it's halter dresses or shorter, extra-slim dresses, women need to have a slimmer body to hold them, rather than starting with pieces that can accommodate their weaknesses. This granny green dress is full of retro features, and the use of color can also set it apart from the boring traditional dress. Tight at the waist, showing a prominent figure, elegant and advanced. 02 Don't make the shirt too colorful Women in their 40s certainly have a few items they love or trust. Blouses are on the list, but those that are too loud can be seen as less neat or simple to wear on a day out. In working place or it is ferial in, still should give priority to with the colour of good control. Like this shirt, it is dominated by broad stripes, which create a sense of lengthwise extension and bring significant weight loss. Because colorific choose very atmosphere, and both suitably very harmonious, prevented the deduction of messy feeling. The lower body can be paired with white shorts for a comfortable and refreshing look. The selection of the shirt is not too much limitation, but there is always a certain selection direction or standard. Fancy styles should stay out of women's reach, but find the appeal of simple shirts, which are generally easy to pull off. Like this white sleeveless shirt, it's one of the pieces that gets rid of the straitjacket. The small lapel design also adds layers to the top layer. This woman wore a black knee-length dress straight to work, very intellectual and elegant. In the shirt collocation, there are several ways, with loose shorts, with the combination of free and easy, and over the knee half skirt, generous and elegant, you can also choose to have a significant down sense of loose pants, more elegant feeling. Wide-leg trousers, like this one in earth color, even have a similar look to a dress, thanks to the soft fabric. Even if have the cover of large area to leg ministry, but because quality of a material is really comfortable, do not exist excessive massiness characteristic, wear rise also is extremely comfortable. 03 The choice of trouser suit should not be too simple No matter in the choice of jacket or pants, do not be too single, some women especially favor black pants or white pants, their style and shape of the structure is somewhat similar, it is easy to clash with the shirt. Cannot lack those foundation trousers to hold really in chest, resemble this black trousers, no matter be in what kind of occasion is used, won't violate with, also can match the jacket of arbitrary colour, having quite powerful plasticity. However, had prepared several styles and similar color after the basic trousers, do not choose the trousers of the same attribute again, but can use those colored trousers, will not be large to color of skin suppression. Be like this orange tonal long pants outfit, vigor feels full color, instant can attract everybody's line of sight, want to pay attention to in color respect only once, understand the restriction and balance between color, can let dress more fashionable, more reduce age, more have window.Read more at: gold prom dresses uk | long prom dresses