Title: Middle-aged women should dress tastefully, remember "three to wear three not to wear"
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: Women's beauty is not only related to their looks and figures, but also closely related to their clothes. Those very tasteful mature women, they will not try to enter the stage of light ripe those too tender or is to create a girl's sense of dress, but bear in mind the following "3 wear 3 not wear" principle, let senior charm lingering at the body. Instead of all-black, wear "age-reducing" colors Many women are not old, but always present a state of senility, the final result is that the color is not chosen right, the clothing is not matched. To know, those deep or depressing feeling of the single product, although helpful to the contraction of the figure, bring a clear slimming effect, but if the dark occupy too much area, too wide, will also lead to the direct growth of the risk of showing old. After summer, try not to wear all black, but use a few age-reducing colors to create a lot of glamour. Resemble this group to wear build, it is a kind of attire that mature female likes most, white shirt is clean immaculate, blue half skirt is pure and elegant, both match, still have a kind of bookish spirit quite, very intellectual. While women are encouraged to reject all-black clothing, it doesn't mean they need to be overdressed, with colors that are age-reducing or minimalist. Blue and white can often be photographed in summer, because both colors have the advantage of reducing depressing feelings or creating atmospheric beauty and simple style. In the selection of specific items, there can be a variety of options. A clean white shirt, for example, can be paired with a blue knee-length skirt or blue denim trousers for a refreshing look. The dressing formula of mature female is a lot of, but the type that chooses to suit oneself most is the most important from which, not all dressing plan can accord with their demand, can foil their advantage come out. On the color adopted, do not rush to apply overmuch brunet overlay, but can use blue this kind to contain the color that reduces age effect is. The blue shirt is a bit more saturated, but the hue is never loud or overly cluttered. Can use the jeans with very shallow color to suit, carry out belt among them, agile and contracted. Same colour combination scheme, can taste the change of aspect of appearance through sheet however, present various style, this also is the attractive place that dresses collocation, let a woman be flexible when choosing dress and freedom. This group also adopts blue and white colors that can weaken the effect of age. However, the T-shirt on the upper body will be more personalized. White and blue form a design of color collision, so that the visual picture will not be monotonous. It is matched with a knee-length denim skirt with slit elements, with plenty of fashion. Wear fewer skirts and more knee-length dresses It is a very normal phenomenon to have size defects in body shape. After all, real people cannot have perfect proportions or concave and convex lines like paper people. There are too many arms and belly lines are not tight enough, which is the figure of ordinary people. Can focus on the use of a few knee dress, foil a good temperament, less short skirt to expose short board. This dress can bring out the quiet elegance of a woman. Although the hem of skirt outfit is loose, the structure between the waist won't be too wide absolutely, can present an obvious line feeling, let the advantage of figure get foil. As a result of the overall cutting of the skirt is generous and conservative, women will not have too much concern in showing curves. For knee-length dresses, slit elements can be used to reduce the sense of simplicity. The length of slit is inconsistent. If it reaches the root of the thigh, it will be sexy and provocative and increase the head-turning rate. This dress is very thin, especially in the upper body, with a wide neckline, which allows women to reveal smooth skin and smooth neck lines, so that the neck area is well decorated. The base color selection is simple, and the print pattern selection is minimal, which makes it easy to look feminine. Avoid baggy clothes and wear pieces that accentuate curves For a long time, the public has a preference for loose items, because this kind of clothing does not bring bondage, it is really relaxed to wear, so that women are in the most relaxed state. However, always driving this type of clothing will blur the lines, unable to highlight the advantages. Upper body is tighter send gentle and graceful, might as well use the knit cardigan of a slender style, present a lithe aesthetic feeling. Like this pink sweater, paired with a knee-length skirt, khaki is a sophisticated and unconventional color palette. Mature woman can choose those sheet that can let him show line freely to taste, no matter jacket or outfit, have the description action that is aimed at curve. This white wrap buttock to pass knee skirt, simple and atmospheric color cannot let it become dazzle existence, but the design that wraps buttock by right of, let its existence feeling increase greatly, reveal full visual aesthetic feeling, more show light ripe lasting appeal.Read more at: short prom dresses uk | formal wear