Title: Fashion blogger Petra looks smart and polished
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: Petra, a fashion model blogger from Australia. Handsome and smart, clean and free. The style is really cool, especially suitable for the daily wear of office workers. Simple black suit with white T-shirt. Tie-in light color jeans, broke the depressing feeling that black brings a person, increased pure and fresh free from vulgarity feeling. A word heel sandal is also simple design, suit the temperament of neat and agile office worker. There is also a small detail worth learning, the suit and a personalized belt, so that the loose suit jacket more slim, improve the waist line, high at the same time, but also can cover up the waist of excess meat oh! Below a light color fastens suit to wear build, give a person simple but elegant feeling at a glance. In a long camel suit jacket, a fleshy tights, and white high-waisted wide-leg pants, a comely and elegant intellectual woman immediately appeared in front of people. A fur coat is paired with simple pieces like a gray T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black bare boots. Give a person concise and able feeling, more highlight a noble leng yan temperament. Below the dark blue dress short skirt, steady atmosphere. Deep V neck elongates the neck line, can show the face very small. Pleated decoration, full design sense. Highlights the independent and stable temperament of women in the workplace. Grey suits are supposed to give people a sense of class. Loose blazer style with a short black tank top to highlight the figure. Pair with black high-waisted Harlan pants for a slim look. White stiletto heels, broke integral dark color department to bring the depressing feeling of the person. Whole free and easy cool gas. The following is a more casual style. Beige medium length loose suit jacket with white loose T-shirt, with dark blue Harlan jeans, more casual wear, but also give a young and beautiful, neat feeling. Black suit jacket with white T-shirt, the contrast of the two colors, give people a strong visual impact, is a relatively simple and clear way to wear. Paired with high-waisted black leather pants, the look will overflow your phone screen. However, it is still recommended that those with bad legs should not easily try leather pants. That only highlights your flaws. The following medium long lamb down coat is simply a necessary item in the cold winter. The furry coat can give a person a warm and lovely feeling, but the collocation of black T-shirt, black leggings, black medium tube British leather boots, let the overall feeling to go to the prudent and capable road. Both of these outfits are sporty. The one above, a long black suit-collar woolen coat with a light gray hoodie, but also give a youthful feeling. Wear it with black wide-leg pants and sneakers. The camel blazer with the collar is paired with a short black hoodie, black harlan pants and black canvas shoes, which not only highlights the characteristics of the workplace but also highlights the temperament of vitality and youth. Wear a mid-length woolen coat with a baby collar and a white T-shirt, Harlan jeans and white sneakers for an age-reducing and playful look. Youthful vigor, full of vitality. The following, in the long suit and take the dress skirt length is about the same, showing long and slim long legs, with boots, the whole sexy and atmospheric. Light ripe and elegant. These two outfits are more personal, with a slim black suit, light blue jeans and thigh-heeled boots. The sheet that is different style originally is tasted, through such bold design collocation, do not show violate with feeling however, give a person more marked visual impact instead. Camel trench coat and boots, bold and sexy. Add a fresh green T-shirt and black hip wrap skirt under a long trench coat for high height and warmth. More show the details of the workplace capable atmosphere experience. The brown fur is paired with a matching T-shirt, black breech skirt, and thigh-high boots for a dignified and dome-like look. It's like being in the possession of an overbearing CEO, isn't it? Light gray suit jacket with gray T-shirt, the same color collocation, harmonious color collocation gives a person just good feeling. Collocation light color hole jeans, pure and fresh free from vulgarity, wen wan atmosphere. The following is the collocation of a windbreaker. After tying the belt, the interior can be matched according to the single product you like, improve the waist line, and the effect of showing high and thin is very good.Read more at: formal dresses australia | formal dresses brisbane