Title: Autumn whitening tips
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: 1, sunscreen work can not be lost Most people think that the sun in autumn is not as strong as in summer, so they don't need to do sunscreen when they go out. Such idea is incorrect, ultraviolet ray is absent all the time, so autumn also needs to accomplish bask in. Sunscreen is the most important premise of whitening work, every day before going out half an hour to apply sunscreen, go out as far as possible umbrella or wear a hat. 2. Repair after drying After being exposed to the sun, the skin will lose a lot of moisture, so it is necessary to do post-sun repair, timely add moisture to the skin, so that the skin is stable. The climate in autumn is dry, so we should do a good job of moisturizing and moisturizing every day. It is recommended to choose moisturizing skin care products and apply them every day to keep the skin in good condition. 3. Exfoliate regularly Excessive accumulation of old waste keratin tends to worsen the skin condition, which is not conducive to whitening after the skin burden becomes heavy. So need regular clean horny, use clean face film or salicylic acid and other skin care products, to speed up the metabolism of melanin and dissolution. 4. Choose whitening products reasonably Whitening is a protracted war, not one day two days can be completed, so when we are in whitening, besides bask in these jobs, it is more important to choose good whitening products. Like VC, VE, nicotinamide these ingredients are whitening effect, according to their skin quality to choose the most appropriate whitening products, long-term use down, and do a good job during the skin sunscreen, can play a significant whitening effect. 5. Go to the beauty salon regularly Conditional is can go beauty parlour hairdressing, but must choose trustworthy, in the doctor's help better undertake beautiful white, go to the number not too frequent. 6. Pay attention to diet and living habits Improper diet is easy to cause skin problems, Wei Nuoya suggests that you can choose to have antioxidant, inhibit melanin deposition and other effects of food, in order to play a whitening effect. When sleeping, the skin will carry on the metabolism, so every day to ensure a good sleep, so that is conducive to skin maintenance. Whitening is a protracted battle, autumn whitening moisturizing water is the key, sunscreen is not to lose. From diet, living habits, whitening products and other aspects, from the inside out for whitening, in order to see the effect earlier.Read more at: short evening dresses australia | cheap formal dresses melbourne