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This career to support yourself will take a while before you begin making that much money and there is additionally a bit of a learning curve, while you'll be able to get enough cash in it. Until you reach the stage that you think it is possible to support yourself completely with your writing, you'll want to keep another job. Take Time to Diversify You need to take time to diversify the businesses that you write for, when you are working to develop a freelance writing career. There are a number of businesses out there for writing that pay up front. Others may offer some residual income as well to you. There are also benefits to residual income, while many folks like to be paid up front. Starting out with various websites and various projects is a great idea in case gets a little slow. You will find a way to make certain to can make enough cash to support yourself, if you diversify your writing. Don't Forget About Taxes Most companies that hire freelancers will not take the taxes out. 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