Title: The champions league has always been a focus for fans
Blog Entry: According to Forbes recently released 2015 world football club value list, real Madrid to the total value of $3.26 billion, ranked first, followed by Barcelona  FIFA 18 Coins   and Manchester united. The average value of the top 20 businesses is $1.60 billion, up 11 percent from last year, compared with 84 percent five years ago. Next, let's focus on the ranking of the top five clubs. According to a report published by Forbes, the Spanish giants real Madrid club is the world's most valuable football club with a total value of $3.2 billion. For three consecutive years, real has topped the list of the world's 20 most valuable clubs. As much as $746 million in gross income, no team in sports has ever been able to match it. Over the past three years, real has earned an average of $171m in annual revenues, only to be relegated to Manchester united by a narrow margin of $2m. The club has a market value of $3.16 billion, second in two consecutive years. In 2014, Barcelona and real Madrid split their TV coverage in la liga and received $190 million. In addition to the TV broadcast, the sponsorship deal has generated a significant revenue stream for Barcelona, which last season contributed $80 million to Qatar airways and Nike's commercial contract. And Qatar airways and barca's sponsorship fee will be set for next season, not surprisingly, and two seasons later, Nike will add barca's sponsorship fee. It is also worth noting that Barcelona are planning to refocus the stadium and turf, which could lead to higher ticket sales for the club.