Title: Infidelity in Recent 'RuneScape' Tournament Wasn't an Inside Job, Dev Will Award Prize In order to Second Place Finalist
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Blog Entry: RuneScape developer Jagex confirmed to Glixel it would be awarding the actual $10, 000 cash prize from the Deadman Autumn invitational towards the event's second place finalist, True Fox. It also maintains the actual rampant cheating happening during the event was not helped in-part with a Jagex employee, as some reports claimed. The tournament had been left without a winner last week, as it had been discovered finalist 5PLUS50K12 used a botfarm, seemingly acting away DDOS attacks towards other players. Given that in order to perform a DDOS attack, one needs entry to an IP tackle, many in the RuneScape community began to speculate whether this was an inside job performed in-part by Jagex worker and competition organizer Jed Sanderson. However, according to Jagex, this was impossible. "This allegation is wholeheartedly false. The individual cited in the  Cheap Deadman Gold   reports helped create the content used throughout the tournament final, and was a technical advisor on the day. He did not have any entry to back-end systems throughout the final, " the actual developer told Glixel. As of right now, it's still unclear exactly how 5PLUS50K12 was able to obtain the information necessary to perform DDOS attacks upon other players. 5PLUS50K12's behavior resulted in his winning being disqualified, leaving Jagex, for some time, uncertain exactly what to do with the money. It announced today it would visit the second-place finalist, True Fox, as well as to charities of Jagex's choosing. All in all, the company paid out $20, 000 in reward money, half to True Fox and half to charity. "We do not tolerate cheating of any sort in our games, and we hope this powerful response will help deter others in the future, inch senior product office manager of Old School RuneScape Mathew Kemp said.