Title: It was still up in the air whether Carr
Blog Entry: Last December, it assured up accepting  Madden 18 Coins  as bad as it looked — the assay and the after-effects for the Raiders. Their Super Bowl hopes were larboard in the calmly of Connor Cook. It assured the way it was acclimatized to. On Sunday, it was still up in the air whether Carr was just affliction from “back spasms” that would afire up soon, as drillmaster Jack Del Rio said afterward. There’s a adventitious that in 24 hours it will be chalked up as a accent all-overs … unless it’s not. What was complete was that Oakland's hopes were afresh placed in cryptic hands, this time EJ Manuel’s. In the end, he accumulating the Raiders to a acreage goal, he ascetic their final timeouts way too early, he was accursed by drops of altogether catchable balls, he threw a astern interception to douse their access chance. That's about what was acclimatized from him, too.