Title: Indian mythology-inspired roguelike Asura gets free Vengeance expansion
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Blog Entry: Procedurally-generated roguelike RPG Asura simply got a new rent of life (after dying many, often, we presume) by means of the new Vengeance Expansion, which was released on 29th September. The actual expansion is completely free of charge and made available being an update to the foundation game, not unlike, say, Path of Exile. Suffice to express, if you own the base game, you currently own the expansion. Vengeance adds a number of new features, such as lots of new content like items and rooms. There is a new Chakra system, in which you will gain benefits by defeating bosses. The titular ‘Vengeance Mode’ is essentially the survival mode, in which you fight millions of enemies for any shot at the leaderboards. There’s also a new difficulty level, titled the Mahasura trouble (“Mega-Demon”, if the Sanskrit isn’t rusty). In this difficulty setting, enemies and bosses may spawn in any fortress, and your tool will be destroyed in case you get burnt. You save your Asura at the  Path Of Exile items   Shamshan (“crypt”), that is essentially a showcase for your best personality runs. Finally, one of the new rooms is actually one where you can perform a dice video game called ‘Passa’. Clearly hidden dice comes deciding your fate in this procedural adventure weren’t enough, therefore now you have not-so-hidden dice as well.