Title: We accept that these sorts of things yield time
Blog Entry: “We accept that these sorts of  Rocket League Items  things yield time, but we’re accomplishing whatever we can to try and advance the brawl along. For example, we’ve congenital Rocket League with the abstraction of accepting cross-network play as a ‘pie in the sky’ feature, and already we got it animate with Xbox One and PC, we advertisement on that. So now, all we allegation to do honestly, is cast a switch. It’s a basic about-face – not a big button or annihilation – but if it anytime came to the point breadth we had permission to do cross-platform on all platforms immediately, we could accept it up and active aural a business day. It would be very, absolute quick. We’ve fabricated the bold in alertness for that eventuality, so that if it happens, bodies can arise in and acquaintance it immediately. Our engineers are really, actually good, and they spent a continued time authoritative it, so now we’re just cat-and-mouse and acquisitive for that opportunity.” Cross-network play amid PS4, Xbox One and PC isn’t the alone tantalising hypothesis that Rocket Leaguers can attending advanced to, either. By Dunham’s own admission, Psyonix is, “an beginning flat that brand to try things,” and that includes demography a austere attending at the possibilities offered by basic absoluteness tech like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.