Title: The actual Lost Grove
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Blog Entry: Occupying over 10 chart squares, which is even bigger than Prifddinnas, the Lost Grove is a coastal island to the west of the gameworld, accessible from the poisoned swamps. Imagine a dark, thick cover over an ancient woodland, older than the elven woods or the spirit trees – in its heart sits a huge, magnificent oak, with its roots so deep they twist the heart of the earth. Various creatures call this place home, such as fairies and wisps, but for now let's concentrate on these types of bark-clad badasses. Whilst they have a kind of adorable look about them, they are far from it. Sitting proudly in 104, 106 and 108 Slayer, these types of critters - each of which sits on the point on the fight triangle - tend to be part of the grove and will also be in game next week! Inspired in part by the old moss new york giants which were released in 2001, each offers its own unique challenges. The unique drop from these new creatures is the cinderbane mitts - some cracking new hybrid mitts that sit in tier 85. They are able to apply a basic poison in combat, which may be enhanced by some other means! Now an enormous area like that's going to have more content  Sell RS Gold to us   on it than some mobs, right? Well, we're adding a few more things for you to discover as you explore the place, not least a new every week D&D focussed around the Farming and Hunter skills. And then there's this guy.