Title: RuneScape:Start King of the Ability OSRS with More Information Learned
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Blog Entry: Apart from the particular rules for Cal . king of the Skill Servers we revealed several days ago, you should learn more details we discuss today. And then you can start your journey for King of the Ability OSRS. Learn more details for King of the Skill OSRS There are a few more details you should focus on before starting your journey for King of the Skill. 1 . You will find 6 new worlds live for Cal . king of the Skill, and only the members can log into these types of worlds. 2 . As soon as logging in, you might be found at the Guide Island, which can be overlooked by Skippy. three. The competition will end at 12: 00 UTC on November 30, 2017. four. You have only 24 hours game play time in  RS Gold for Sale   complete before the deadline for King of the Ability. 5. You can check the rankings of each skill and total level in Old College RuneScape seasonal hiscores from time to time, and based on that the winners is going to be decided at 12: 00 UTC upon November 1, 2017. 6. At the deadline, the players who have the greatest level in every skill or complete on the King of the Skill servers will be the No . 1 . When more than one player have the same level, the player with the most XP will win the 1st prize. Whether the King of the Skill a one-time only event or not When some players are asking yourself whether the King of the Skill will be run again, Jagex has made no clear response. And they just explain that the competition is completely new to them, they are going to run another one if it’s popular.