Title: RuneScape Old School strikes 1M users, gets God Wars Dungeon
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Blog Entry: More than 1 mil players have checked out RuneScape Old School, and developer Jagex is marking the actual milestone by publishing the fan-requested Our god Wars Dungeon, the actual studio announced today. Jagex originally launched RuneScape Old School — a old style version of the browser-based role-playing game which brought back the name as it existed in August 2007 — February 2013, right after nearly 450, 000 players voted for this. Since then, more than 1 million players possess played the throwback RuneScape. The studio is now letting gamers vote on content material updates for RuneScape Old School, and the latest round of voting, more than 89 percent of the RuneScape community said these  Buy RS 2007 Gold   people wanted Jagex to add the God Wars Dungeon. The dungeon features four brand new bosses and the opportunity for players to pick up a legendary Godsword, as well as high-level shield and other special weaponry. "Seeing RuneScape Aged School hit the actual million-player mark therefore soon after launch is an excellent milestone for the video game and our gamers have joined the actual celebration by voting for the game's the majority of epic update up to now, " said Phil Mansell, RuneScape's executive producer.