Title: Path of Exile Upcoming Expansion First Details Revealed by Milling Gear
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Blog Entry: Grinding Gear Games, the New Zealand-based studio responsible for Path Of Exile is preparing to make a big announcement come November 16 for Path of Exile’s upcoming plans. The studio room has given followers a few details regarding the Path of Exile upcoming expansion, and what it will feature in a post on their official site. You can catch the first few information below: There is a brand new boss in Take action Nine We have the first ever socketable belt coming Green and black are the colors of a new group We’ve prepared a new stash tab type for this expansion You will find 4 new skill gems and 6 support gems arriving Aside from this touch, the PoE playerbase was  Buy Path Of Exile items   curious about what else they could discover about the upcoming December expansion. This interest has lead 1 Reddit member to find some interesting files in the game mentioning the term “map stash tabs, ” If correct, it appears that the PoE community is getting another item from their wish list crossed off in case map stashes become available for purchase in the near future.