Title: The next Runescape will use Improbable's SpatialOS to be larger and better
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Blog Entry: You might have heard of Improbable lately - mostly simply because they received a ton of cash in assets. They’re the company behind SpatialOS, which is a “computation platform that allows programmers to exceed the power of a single game engine or server”, in their own words. To you and I: they made a thing that can make it easier for programmers to create grand tasks. That’s slightly reductive, but the idea is the fact that developers could use Improbable’s platform in development to easily gather ideas that would or else require a huge amount associated with processing power or a team of devoted people working almost all the time on server infrastructure. For smaller groups, it’s a way to merged impressive worlds without a huge budget. They’ve partnered up with Jagex, the developers behind Runescape, to use SpatialOS in future tasks. The aim, it seems, will be to use SpatialOS to produce a world run by “hundreds of game engines”, rather than being constrained by restrictions of traditional hosting and development. There’s no word on what Jagex are planning on performing with SpatialOS quite yet, but with their history developing one of the most influential MMOs ever, the partnership can make a lot of sense. Herman Narula, co-founder  Cheap RS 2007 Gold   as well as CEO at Improbable, even mentioned being excited about the possibilities associated with such an "established as well as well-loved IP" utilizing SpatialOS. Of course , it may be completely new. With this, Jagex have joined programmers like Bossa Galleries (the people behind Surgeon Simulator) in using SpatialOS for first time projects. With so many some other teams that use system creating MMO video games, it’s hard to not imagine Jagex tend to be doing something comparable.