Title: Route of Exile:Skeleton Baron crit Dark Pact guide
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Blog Entry: Things you ought to know about this guide I had been wondering about people claim it's far better to go self-casted Dark Pact than the skeleton-casted one. Since I truly prefer unusual technicians of casting your own spells directly on your own minions I decided to take my on the  cheap poe items   job it. I have been playing a bit into Route of Building. When I already finished with the theory I was ready to go for some practice. I respeced a whole tree of a single of my old Standard characters. I did all Book of Skill quests and started collecting equipment and testing my char on red maps. Two days later I got a Shaper set and deleted him with ease despite I had no encounter with playing DP before - which made me wish to share the idea with PoE community. A possibility a regular build guide when I delve into each and every mechanics. I just want to make some comment about general mechanics and synergies characterizing my concept. I will probably start next group with this concept and make a full guide then.