Title: Runescape - Ancient Crystals& Revenant Cave Teleport Scroll
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Blog Entry: Ancient Uric acid Ancient crystals really are a new rare tradeable resource that decrease from Revenants. They are used to build a gamer owned Wilderness Obelisk, which allows a one-way teleport to any from the 6 current Backwoods obelisk locations, chosen at random. Completion of the full Wilderness diaries allows you to choose a specific teleport location. Building a gamer owned Wilderness obelisk requires 80 Building, 4 Ancient uric acid and 4 Marbled blocks. It can be placed in the Superior Garden room, using the same hotspot as the Nature tree/Fairy ring. Completing the obelisk grants you 3000 Building XP. Revenant Give Teleport Scroll Getting to and from the Revenant caves can be a  Sell RS Gold   time-consuming process. Luckily, all Revenant NPC's have a small chance of shedding a tradeable Revenant cave teleport scroll, which can be used to teleport to the lower wilderness-level entrance of the caverns.