Title: Venenatis Cave – Suggestion - Runescape
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Blog Entry: Did you ever hear of a "Hidden Door Spider". This crawl uses a rock or clump of dirty as a door that they open and rapidly snatch their pray and pull this under to eat. The suggestion is similar to this particular Hidden Door Crawl. In the Q&A these days we talked about making a layer/cave for Venenatis. So I thought about the rock that you can bother and Venenatis comes out and grabs you and pulls you down into his layer/cave. When in the give you can see all of their previous prays certain up in webs. A cut scene for first time in the layer/cave would be pretty cool to see too. I would suggest that the  RS 3 Gold   initial grab that Venenatis does to pull you under doesn't go damage. I'm sure the more I think about this I'll have more suggestions. But I figured we're able to collaborate on this suggestion. They did not discuss it vary long in the Q&A. I would really prefer to see lots of input on this suggestion.