Title: Runescape Roleplaying - Eastern Falador
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Blog Entry: This is the announcement of an occupation from Eastern Falador. An aged man backed by sellswords as well as men donning a peculiar set of blue armor bellowed words of disdain for your region's shameful political figures. "Falador, a property once blessed along with riches; torn through the hands of the just by corrupt tyrants who's only aim would be to better themselves. This unchecked caucus offers ordered the unification of unholy men with soldiers of Saradomin, allowing these men of evil to murder or more without repercussion! We, the people will not indicate things such as this any longer. Let us rise right now, at this moment and voice our opinion. Do not fear any who would silence you, with regard to we shall protect, and you the people, shall rule! " At this time, a few of the blue armored men began providing pamphlets with information on meeting places as well as words of reassurence. One of the prime locations being what was the actual 'Falador party room' which would be occupied and reinforced within and out from after that on. With interest, many people gained wish for a return to the times of this city's righteousness and grabbed fliers not just for on their own, but their family and friends too. If any city guardsmen not really swayed by the older fellow's words would attempt to raise up arms against the occupiers they would be met with force in exchange. If anybody not really currently within our rotation is interested in indulging in a  Cheap RS 3 Gold   roleplay, or even if anybody wanting to RP out against or in favor of the actual occupation feel free to shoot me a PM. General responses to the present situation are free to be posted within the thread at your personal will.