Title: Runescape advice -Artifacts&Learned Abilties
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Blog Entry: Artifacts: These could be received as presents from legendary mood -others must be used by force. (Know that I did blatantly steal some of these ideas from other people therefore before you crucify me, please know that they may not be all my ideas! ) Only of each of those items can be owned at any one time. Destroyed Sword: Pocket port, aggressive monster are not aggressive towards you for a certain duration. V's Satchel: Essentially converts the quiver port into a rune sack. Grubby Moccasins: When activated, you cannot fall short on an agility barrier for the next 15 minutes. Jhallan's Purse: Store an additional two items in your backpack. Lustrous Stone: Serves exactly the same purpose as a dungeoneering gatestone. 5 costs. Glarial's Brooch: Pocket slot: While outfitted, the hourglass shaped brooch gathers fine sand while in combat. Once full, it can be utilized on a degradable piece of equipment to prolong its life. King Alvis' Stein: 15 doses of any drink or potion may be added to it. Legionnaires' Sash: Attachable in order to chestplates. Prayer reward. Fayrg Horns: Attachable to helm. harm Bonus Learned Abilties: (Wisdom Points in the Grimoire) Sheathe: Holster: Quick draw, fire off two shots  RS 2007 Gold   when attacked rather than your normal 1. Surcoat: Learned (uncategorized): Slayer Belt: Toolbelt for slayer items Wallet: Replaces back pack but can only have logs (30 slots). Snapsack: equivalent of gem puch but for seeds and farming stuff. Lure: In no way use feathers or even bait again! reusable lure are right here! Pronged hook: Chance of catching extra fish Location Teleports: There can be multiple different types. ______: 100% no fall short cooking. 1hr. Scavenge: chance of saving burned food. limited utilizes New Recipe: Mix food and potion. Restricted uses ___: Chance of not using ingredients. Tacklebox: replaces back pack but only bears fish (30 slots) Master Traps: catch two animals before having to reset trap. Limited use Fishing lures: Draws animals in order to traps quicker. Restricted use. ___: Increased chance of a share fragment. limited use ___: Prolong wisp life Adrenaline Prayer: A new prayer to gain adrenaline slightly faster. God's Avatar: Summon god's avatar with you. Drains all prayer points. Bless food or weapons: Give them short boost. Tool kit: Spawns basic creating supplies daily. Mix Rings: Combine two rings or amulets for 2 hours. 1 use and has to be relearned. ___: remove need for thread Artist Tools: make any harvesting item possess the chance of gathering two items, or generating tools to make two items simoultaneously Fact Pouch: replaces back pack only carries runes and essence (30 slots) Spellforging: Mix spell effects ___: Replaces backpack. bears only ore as well as bars. (30 slots) ___: Anti stun thieving. Arnesto's Heritage: Spell. Revive lifeless plants on a farming plot. ___: Mean: Prevent disease on farming plot. ___: auto compost storyline. Limited use Dibbler: Plant two seeds in same storyline. Twice the generate. same xp. ___: convert grown plants into seeds. (more than originally planted) ___: Long durarion poison _______: Replaces backpack, carries only herbs, ingredients, vials etc . (30 slots) Flatpack Binder: Holds multiple flatpacks, also spawns nails, clay-based, etc every day _______: Combine arrowhead results. Hunters Stachel: Teasing stick, falcon crate, etc SLayer Belt: Toolbelt for slayer items Falconry: Much more accurate falcon. Coating: Graahk and others are not able to cause damage. ________: Slayermaster gem attached with slayer helm. Obtain a new task without having visiting them. _______: One grace task. ______: Witchwood add-on _______: Put surges on gloves, supercedes spiked gauntlet _________: SLayer helm provides light in caves ________: Fuse slayer staff with an additional staff ______: Spiny Helm Addition _______: Salty weapon spell _______: Leaf blade spell or addition on another tool. Isulate boots: blend with another pair of boots. ______: Blend rock hammer with another weapon Summoner Pouch: spawns scrolls, pouches, shards, charms. replaces backpack (30 slots) Snake String: Reuseable rope ______: Degrading elemental wands. ______: Imbue armor piece with anti - dragonfire abilities. Couple of hour duration.