Title: Route of Exile -- Boem's musing within the announced reflect change
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Blog Entry: I should start associated with by saying, certainly we don't have all the details available now so last judgement will be remaining for when Route of Exile three. 1 goes live. Let's set this musing up a bit, in a recent baeclast ziggyD and raizQt where musing on reflect a bit. Following a bit ziggyD ended up on the following -> "Reflect is such an outdated mechanic, why isn't going glass-canon an opportunity cost, you understand, the mobs actually threatening you! " Starting of from that point, i agree with his sentiment. So to become clear, for me reveal can be removed/replaced as long as obscene damage output still includes chance cost. However whenever we see the interview with Rory and his statement of the "new reflect" it is glaringly apparent it does not achieve this, at all. In fact , it achieves the opposite of the initial desired design goal of reflect. This actively punishes slow builds by decreasing them down much more and behaves unimportant for high speed/dps builds. Rory's add-on to this concern then comes "but later on we will add additional forms of reflect" Now here appears an issue i have with this change and his  cheap poe items   statement. Aged players will be greatly aware that GGG's track record of "going returning to changes to improve on them" is poor, extremely poor. Some things remain unaddressed four years and counting. Other things get a little tweak and are then put back on the road for an additional four years. This results in one an issue and two a conditioning issue community side. One an issue If what Rory states is true, then why exactly perform they introduce/replace reveal with the type of reveal that is incapable of capping dps/speed builds whilst introducing a form which actively punishes weaker builds. Why not substitute it with a form of reflect that positively punishes the opposite range in a more creative way(original design space of reflect in the game) Example: Let's imagine a mob that is invulnerable for 3 seconds when you encounter it or even it receives a "hit", absorbs all of the damage in that window of time AND then sends out a volatile orb to the player with regards to dies that offers a % from the absorbed amount of harm. 1) you can experiment it (amount associated with damage dealt in the 3 seconds window) 2) the volatile orb can be outplayed (though i would make it faster in chasing after so it differentiates through volatile itself) 2 a conditioning from the community issue Now if what you get i am saying because truth, then we are able to deduce by GGG's past record, that this "new forms of reflect" are perhaps in the works for four. 1 . This means that for any very prolonged time players will get used to "dps free reign" this makes introducing new forms which counter them extremely hard in the future and will cause a lot of frustration when this occurs in time. (avoiding discomfort to receive it at a later point in time sort of thing from their stage of view) Therefore basically my conclusion would be that the new reflect form is actually worse then what we should currently have, since it will actively condition the community to be extremely lax, which will be bad for future mechanics introduced in order to counter them given that they won't be countered for any prolonged time. Furthermore , i find it poor flavor that reflect is actually replaced by a mod that punishes builds that already have difficulty compared to the builds reveal was designed to countertop. Some musings, i need to have missed a few stuff but i find it ironic which GGG states "we will introduce other styles of reflect later on this is just the very first one" while publishing something that doesn't take up the design space associated with reflect at all. But instead could be considered an entirely new mod in order to PoE taking up an additional design space.