Title: Offer you one free in-game item each day
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Blog Entry: This year, during the RuneScape Christmas Advent Calendar 2017 promotion you can win one free in-game gift every day until December 25. 100 Magic Notepaper is the free item yesterday while RuneScape Silverhawk Boots or Sping Cleaner etc can be obtained today. You can also buy OSRS gold here.Christmas Advent Calendar 2017Running from December 1 until December 25, the RuneScape Christmas Advent Calendar 2017 will offer you one free in-game item each day, which can be obtained from the Advent Calendar. Just remember the default keyboard button is F5 to access the Calendar. Meanwhile different prizes are available on the Treasure Hunter.There is no need to worry about missing days, for you can regain any items you have missed in December as long as you log in before January 8, 2018, the first update of 2018.Usage of RuneScape Magic Notepaper & Silverhawk BootsHave you got the free prize 100 Magic Notepaper yesterday? When you use an item from inventory on Magic Notepaper, the item will be turned into notes, allowing the items to stack. And this will consume 1 Magic Notepaper per item in the process. You can also buy 100 Magic Notepaper at a cost of 500 thaler. Don’t forget it’s not allowed to use Magic Notepaper in a player-owned house.As for today, the SilverHawk Boots, Spring Cleaner, or 25 Silverhawk Down and 25 Tight Springs are the daily free items for this promo. You can buy the Silverhawk Boots with 750 thaler. And they can own at a maximum of 500 charges by using Silverhawk Feathers on them. Each charge drains the boots and grants Agility XP equal to 10% of the XP obtained from a small XP lamp. There are more free items to be gained in the following days. buy RuneScape gold and keep an eye on the Christmas Advent Calendar 2017 continuously.The mmogo Team Obtain Free Ancient Relic RuneScape for Coin of Balance & More