Title: Season will build up accounts on a brand
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Blog Entry: In exchange for your hard-won Runespan points, he can offer the following:Portal redirect – One time purchase. Allows the apprentice to redirect the portal between Runescape Gold the mid and high floors.Runesphere teleport tablet – Teleports you directly to the runesphere when it's active, even across floors. You must be in the Runespan to use this.We've also brought you a bunch of improvements to the Arc, fresh from the Game Jam we held over the last Double XP Weekend.The High Armour of Hanto, Winds of Waiko, Thalassia's Revenge and Rage of Hyu-Ji can now be obtained with chimes and taijitu.Over the course of five days, the top 2,000 players from the recent Deadman Season will build up accounts on a brand new Deadman world. After five days the Buy Runescape Gold playable area will become smaller and smaller. Respawning will be disabled, every Deadman will be forced into a small area and, with $10,000 going to the last Deadman alive, they will be forced to fight.