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Blog Entry: Zaha batten to Ivory Bank manager Michel Dussuyer (second from right) afore switching Zaha has won two caps for England but is adequate to RuneScape gold about-face as they were both affable matchesGiven accepted anatomy - they acquire absent six beeline matches abrogation administrator Alan Pardew on the apprenticed of the sack - Zaha's absence would be actively acquainted in what is axis into a assignment struggle.   The 2017 Africa Cup of Nations runs from January 14 to February 5 and should the Ivory Bank beforehand to the final Zaha would absence acute club matches adjoin West Ham, Everton, Bournemouth and Sunderland.The IFF appear in a commemoration on Sunday night: 'The Ivorian-English advancing midfielder Wilfried Zaha has declared to play for the Elephants, beneath the colours of the Ivory Coast, his country of origin.   Zaha could absence acute matches adjoin West at cheap OSRS gold Ham, Everton, Bournemouth and Sunderland'The amateur has sent, on this Sunday November 27 2016, accord to FIFA to change his civic team. 'Approached several weeks ago by the Alliance Ivoirienne de Football (FIF), Wilfried Zaha has fabricated his best this Sunday in London.'In the actualization of his father, of Augustin Sidy Diallo (president of the FIF)   Michel Dussuyer (Elephants coach), he active at the basal of the abode to change his antic adherence addressed to FIFA. Palace absent 5-4 to Swansea on Saturday - the club's sixth Premier Alliance defeat in succession'Born on November 10 in Abidjan, Wilfried Zaha grew up in England, the country for which he fabricated two appearances in affable matches. Buy Cheapest Runescape Gold, RS Gold from your family shop