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Blog Entry: MELBOURNE  Cheap Cody Eakin Jersey  , May 8 (Xinhua) -- Victoria's criminals are re- offending in record numbers, as statistics have revealed that almost half of the state's prisoners return to jail within two years of being released. Fairfax Media reported on Friday that the rate of re-offending is likely to hit more than 45 percent for the 2014-15 financial year. The figure is up more than 5 percent compared to the previous year's data. The rise in recidivism has been blamed on the previous state government's "tough on crime" policies that resulted in record numbers of incarcerations across the state. Corrections Minister Wade Noonan said the government had set aside nearly 99 million U.S dollars in the state budget for health, rehabilitation and training programs to be implemented in prisons. The government hopes the allocation would assist prisoners assimilate into everyday life once released, but Noonan said it would be some time before the funds help to lower the re-offending rate. "It will be hard to bring rates down until such time as Labor's new investment takes effect  Cheap Reilly Smith Jersey  ," Noonan told Fairfax on Friday. "What the previous government did was throw new beds wherever they could without the necessary infrastructure such as healthcare and training." Liana Buchanan from the Federation of Community Legal Centres was happy with the Labor government's budget allocation, and told Fairfax Media the previous government's "tough on crime" policy left prisons overcrowded and poorly resourced. "In overcrowded prisons you cannot put in programs, education and employment that are needed for rehabilitation," she said. "The budget will in part allow infrastructure in prison to keep pace with prisoner numbers  Cheap Brendan Leipsic Jersey  , and it will also provide some funding to community corrections so they too can keep pace." But the opposition has argued the Labor government had been slow in working on a plan for re-offenders since taking government last November. "This is a pathetic attempt by a new minister to try to politicize and blame others for an issue instead of taking responsibility for it," opposition Corrections Minister Edward O' Donohue told Fairfax on Friday. The legendary American tennis player, John Donald Budge, was and is still considered one of the best players to every play the game. He enjoyed an incredible career that involved winning all four Grand Slam singles titles in 1938  Cheap Colin Miller Jersey  , and became the first player to ever do that. During his span of amateur and professional play he was a World Number One player for five of those years. He passed away on January 26, 2000 but his outstanding career is kept alive in the hearts and minds of tennis players everywhere. Donald Budge was born on June 13, 1915, and started to make a splash in the tennis scene while in his early twenties. By about 1937 he had started to come into his own and showed that he had the ability to dominate the sport. He became the first male tennis player to win the Wimbledon's men's doubles  Cheap Deryk Engelland Jersey  , men's singles, and mixed doubles all in the very same year. Later in 1937 he also led the U.S. team to win the Davis Cup, which was the first time they had done so in over a decade. The very next year, in 1938  Cheap Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey  , was when he took home all four of the Grand Slam tournaments and solidified his reputation at the top of the Tennis Standings. Budge was given the honor of being given the James E. Sullivan award in 1937 for being the nation's outstanding amateur athlete and then was later named Athlete of the Year in both 1937 and 1938 by members of the Associated Press. This was done largely in part by the incredible stats he had built up in that year and a half period. Don had won 92 matches in a row as well as 14 different tournaments. In the early forties, Budge took a leave from Tennis to join the Air Force and serve in WWII. In 1943, he tore a shoulder muscle during one of the vigorous trainings. He was still able to perform most of his military duties for the next two years until he took a medical leave in 1945 to see an osteopath to work with his injury. His tennis game would never quite be the same again, but he would still go on to beat some of the world's best tennis players in their prime including Pancho Gonzales in 1954. As far as where Donald Budge sits in terms of all-time tennis greats  Cheap James Neal Jersey  , the topic has been largely debated by tennis pros around the world. He is considered by many to be the greatest player to play the game. His 6'1" frame and one handed backstroke were perfectly suited to the tennis scene and he played with powerful strokes and quick reflexes. One thing that most experts agree on is that he was the best player before WWII and still holds his own with those that followed after. Only Jack Kramer and Ellsworth Vines could be considered better than Budge in his prime. No matter where he stands on the all-time greatest list, it is very apparent that Donald Budge was the most dominant tennis player of his generation and has secured his place in tennis history. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1964, in Newport Rhode Island, and his legacy will continue to live on. Boxing Rules: There are many rules that should be followed in boxing. The following list below covers some: • No hitting down below the belt • You can’t kick  Wholesale Vegas Golden Knights Jerseys  , hold, headbutt, battle, spit on  Cheap Vegas Golden Knights Jerseys  , push and or bite your opponent • You should not use your head, knee, shoulder or forearm that will hit • Hitting with an open glove just isn’t allowed. You cannot hit with all the inside of a glove, the side of typically the hand  Wholesale Golden Knights Jerseys  , the wrist, and the backhand. • Punching an opponent’s back or the trunk of his head or neck is not really allowed. Punching in the kidneys is additionally not allowed. Some of these rules are just the standard; we haven’t even covered many of them. 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