Title: Simple method of China Classifying Equipment
Tags: China Classifying Equipment
Blog Entry: Decision-making on medical equipment management is a daily task for clinical engineers, but it may prove difficult to easily extract relevant information from the large amount of data from computerized maintenance management systems. This article describes a simple method of China Classifying Equipment  based on corrective maintenance indicators. METHODS: Three indicators were calculated based on the number of events, duration and cost of corrective maintenance. Three classes were defined according to the indicator values of different equipment ages: class A for 0-4 years, class B for 5-9 years, and class C for equipment older than 10 years. The method was applied to 2,134 pieces of equipment from the Health Service system of the University of Campinas. "Honesty, Innovation, High quality and efficiency, Users satisfied" is our business philosophy. We willing to provide our client with high-quality products and perfect service. If you want to know more information, please visit this website: