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Blog Entry: " JOHANNESBURG  , June 13 (Xinhua) -- The South African SportsConfederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) named a strong team tocompete at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games in Nassau, Bahamasduring July 19 to 23, 2017. The team will have representation in six of the nine sportingdisciplines being showcased. SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy expressed optimism that Team SouthAfrica will perform better than what they did two years ago. In thelast Commonwealth Youth Games in Apia, Samoa in 2015 the countrywas second with a total of 35 medals. Reddy said, ""Though we are sending a lean team we believe it isa strong team who have all met the competitive selection criteriaand will do the nation proud. Previously Team South Africa hasperformed exceptionally at these games and we therefore hope thatthe same or even better results will be achieved."" South Africans will compete in Athletics  , Beach Volleyball,Boxing, Judo, Swimming and Tennis. The games are used by SouthAfrica to groom youngsters to be future champions. Reddy said, ""TheCommonwealth Youth Games, remain an integral event for us as futurestars and Olympians rise from events of such a nature."" Team South Africa would be led by Patience Shikwambana. She saidthey are leaving on the month of the global icon's birth (NelsonMandela) which will inspire the team to do better. Mandela was bornon July 18. Enditem " Accessories play an important role in both men and women fashion. These accessories  , in fact further enhance the grace and style of an individual allowing them to make a fashion statement that depicts their personality. No attire is complete without these fashion accessories like stylish watches, bags, sunglasses, belts etc to achieve that perfect look. The trendy ladies accessories help women to reflect their style and status with handbags being the most prominent accessories without which they cannot move out. 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