Title: RuneScape 3 Combat Guide rs money
Tags: RSGP
Blog Entry: rs coin Combat in RuneScape isn't too much dynamic. It is completely enclosed in two actions. You click at the monster and wait for your hero to kill it or you use your skills from skillbar. In each fight, you attack only one enemy and thanks to that even battling difficult enemies beacomes easier. When your HP drops dangerously low, you just need to choose potion or prepared food and useit which you can use  rs money  to buy.  In this game you won't find any evasion system or quick time events. Of course, you may try combining attacks, but it all means using particular skills one after another. RuneScape offers also a lot of items improvinf your defence and offensive. Special Prayers increase your regenration or attack for a short period of time. While attacking, you can't use all of your skills. During the battle, you can see a charging Power bar, which is needed for special skills. Using magical skills, you can check and mix them, finding out which combination is best. To level up, you have to fight a lot. Your main level is strictly connected with the combat. Every level of magic, distance fighting and melee fighting is converted on your general level. For every battle you receive experience to combat points and  RS3 gold  or items dropped by the monsters. Sometimes, they can drop really precious things. You can sell, equip or train skills with that items - it all depends on what you have found.