Title: Nexon CEO’s progress directory westward migration — as well as the dirty secret on game quality
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Blog Entry: Every business leader has to truly know the way AI is usually a gamechanger. Join other execs at VB Summit, Oct 22 & 23, 2018 in Mill Valley, CA Grab your ticket now at 30% off. Owen Mahoney features a unique look at global gaming. He’s an ancient Electronic Arts executive who landed a position first as chief financial officer of Maplestory M Mesos Asian gaming giant Nexon. Last year, he became its leader, which includes its headquarters in Tokyo and big operations in South Korea. Thanks to its success with games like Maple Story and Dungeon Fighter Online, the organization has greater than 4,656 employees (adjusted December) worldwide. But Nexon makes most of the company's money in markets including China, South Korea, and Japan. It has grown big as a result of PC games in those countries. Its revenues for your first quarter ended March 31 were $418 million, up 9 percent, with profits at $151 million. But the business is generating just a small cost from Western games and also the mobile sector. Please visit