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Blog Entry: BEIJING  Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Shoes  , June 29 (Xinhua) -- China started a national sports event on Monday for the employees of central government departments to boost their physical health. ""Sports and the people's health have long been the focus of the (Communist) Party and the government. The event is a key part of our drive to mobilize all Chinese people to exercise and unite government employees,"" said State Councilor Yang Jing during the opening ceremony. This year's games, the fourth since 1992, will see more than 10,000 contestants competing in 13 categories, including cycling  Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes  , tennis and ping-pong, from June to September. The event is jointly held by the General Administration of Sport and the Work Committee of Central Government Departments under the Communist Party of China Central Committee. Yang expressed his hope that the games would help encourage more government employees to voluntarily boost their physical health. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended the opening ceremony and announced the start of the games. " MELBOURNE, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Prospective fathers have little knowledge of how age affects fertility despite wanting children one day, an Australian study published on Tuesday revealed. Karin Hammarberg, a researcher at Monash University, reviewed 46 international studies and found that "most" young men said they wanted "at least two children." But she found that many men prioritized "a full-time job and a good economy" over starting a family despite lacking an understanding of how age of either gender affected fertility. "Men want to have children as much as women do  Cheap Air Max Thea Shoes  , and they expect to have children, fatherhood is really important to them," Hammarberg, who also works the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority, told the Australian media on Tuesday. "But they have limited knowledge and understanding of fertility, male and female. "They think women's fertility starts to decline at about 40  Cheap Air Max 95 Shoes  , but (in fact) that is pretty late already." The men studied said they would rely on in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment to have children after the age of 37. Typically a woman's fertility peaks in her late 20s or early 30s with a slow but steady decline starting from age 32 before rapidly declining from 35. At age 30, a woman has a 20-percent chance of conceiving every month compared to a 5-percent chance at age 40. "There's a lot of reliance on technology, when in reality there's nothing IVF can do with age-related infertility due to the biological decline of eggs and sperm, the age factor is not amenable to treatment," Hammarberg said. "They expect they will one day become parents, but then it's a matter of coming to the decision and making it happen. "Sometimes men want to have a pretty extensive adolescence and shy away from responsibility. She said men who wanted to have children but missed their suffered from more mental health issues than those who had children. "If you want to have children and it doesn't happen  Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes  , it is equally sad for men and women and affects their mental wellbeing," Hammarberg said. Xi: "One country, two systems" the best arrangement for HK Chinese president calls for stronger ties with Sweden Chinese president meets Finnish PM on strengthening cooperation Summer Davos Forum opens in Dalian, NE China Midsummer Day marked in Estonia Scenery at Bamboo Sea scenic spot in southwest China Giant pandas "Meng Meng" and "Jiao Qing" to settle in new home in Berlin In pics: terraces in NW China What may arguably be the most commonly known yeast infection or form of candidiasis in the world today is thrush, which affects mostly female genitalia. (It is rare, though not impossible  Cheap Air Max Shoes  , for men to contract the disease.) But yeast infections actually do not limit themselves to either gender, and simply affect certain areas of the human body. Yeast infections are infections confined specifically to the skin or mucous-like membrane, caused in human beings by a genus of fungi called Candida. It appears in laboratory-cultured agar plates as large, round colonies colored white, cream or whitish-gray. One of its most famous (or rather infamous) species is Candida albicans, though it must be noted that Candida albicans is not the only species that causes yeast infections in human beings. Candida albicans lives peacefully with other flora in the human body  Cheap Nike Air Max Thea  , its growth kept in check by a certain bacteria. It makes its home inside the dark, warm, wet areas of the body. This is why yeast infections are found in areas such as the ears, the mouth, the blood, the gastrointestinal or “gut” area – and yes  Cheap Nike Air Max 95  , the area “down there.” However, it also likes human skin, particularly warm, wet sections which like skin folds and armpits. Candidiasis is also called “yeast infection” is because Candida albicans’ normal form is that of single oval yeast cells. When in yeast form, it duplicates itself through budding. This means the cells create genetic clones of themselves through bulbs that “grow” out of them. These bulbs stay attached to the parent cells for a while before letting go. So what actually causes yeast infection? First, the human body’s temperature must be at a specific level and the pH levels must be balanced  Cheap Nike Air Max 90  , two of the conditions necessary for Candida albicans and its partner bacteria to grow without disturbing other flora. But when the temperature and pH levels change, these bacteria die. This leaves the Candida albicans cells free to change into fungi and to replicate with no control over themselves. Candida albicans fungi mark their territories during this population boom by causing any of these sensations: burning, itching, soreness, or tingling. Sometimes, two of these sensations can be felt at once. I.  Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale     Wholesale Custom Jerseys     Wholesale NHL Jerseys China     Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China     Wholesale Authentic Jerseys     Wholesale NBA Jerseys Cheap     Wholesale MLB Jerseys Free Shipping     Cheap Jerseys From China     Cheap Jerseys China     Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys