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Blog Entry: GENEVA  Cheap Air Max 90 Wholesale  , July 4 (Xinhua) -- The new head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has vowed to deliver results and value for money to reinforce efficiency of and earn trust for the WHO, in its pivotal job of promoting universal health coverage around the globe, the agency said on Tuesday. In his first address as the director-general to WHO staff members, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it's foremost that the agency needs to develop a "culture of results  Cheap Air Max Wholesale  ," or "WHO to be synonymous with results." Tedros pledged to increase WHO's emphasis on country level work, in coordination with each region, to meet specific needs of countries and optimize results. For efficiency purpose, the WHO will strengthen its country offices and have cohesion across all levels of organization  Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Mens  , including country offices, regional offices and headquarters. Facing a fast-growing expenditure of the WHO, especially the recent uproar over travel costs, Tedros promised to ensure that WHO is adequately and appropriately funded with emphasis on expanding the donor base. After consultations with WHO member states  Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens  , donors and partners over the budget, Tedros said he has seen "positive developments" that would transform the way the WHO mobilizes resources. "Through concrete actions on results, value for money and efficiency, WHO will earn trust among member states  Cheap Nike Air Max Mens  , partners and donors, old and new," he affirmed. The new WHO head also reiterated on universal health coverage as the center of his tenure. "All roads lead to universal health coverage," which  Cheap Air Max 2018 Mens  , as he said, "is a human rights issue." As 400 million people have no access to even basic health care today, according to the WHO, Tedros urged national governments to shoulder more responsibility and "compare their results to their peers and learn from each other" in expending basic health care coverage. Universal health coverage and health emergencies are two sides of the same coin  Cheap Air Max 90 Mens  , he said, urging the WHO to reinforce its health emergency program to prepare for and prevent the next outbreak from becoming epidemics. "We learned important lessons from Ebola. The task is now to make sure these lessons are effectively implemented," Tedros gave credit to the WHO's emergency responding team, but also confirmed that "it's not fast enough" and he would be committed to making sure the world is prepared for the next epidemic. Tedros took office on Saturday  Cheap Air Max Mens  , succeeding Dr. Margaret Chan from China's Hong Kong who led the UN health agency for the past ten years. 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