Title: Baby mattress fabric must be waterproof
Tags: baby mattress fabrics
Blog Entry: First of all, the baby mattress is not a small adult mattress. Not only materials, but also higher than adults. In fabrics, fillers, and core parts are different from adults. Then start with the fabric. The baby mattress fabrics for children's mattresses on the market are generally 3D fabrics, the reason is that they are breathable, and others are antibacterial and anti-mite functions. But the real fabric needs, or the actual situation of their own baby needs to be. For example: My baby is a bear child, likes to eat snacks in bed, drink juice, and some like to eat and drink soup in bed. I often accidentally sprinkle the soup or rice, then wet the sheet, wet the sheet, and wash it, but have you ever thought that the water will seep into the mattress fabric, then wash it? Can't wash it! When you sleep, you will smell a "fragrance"! This splash-proof children's mattress fabric solves the problem of wet and dirty mattresses from the root. It has achieved the effect of water and antifouling. However, many people will think that waterproof fabrics will not be breathable? I can regret to tell you that you made a mistake. This fabric is physically changed to achieve a certain water and antifouling state by changing his physical structure. The water droplets allow the sheets to be absorbed, forming water droplets on the mattress, which can be wiped clean by wiping them gently. It is called "IP68" waterproof in the mattress industry, but he is still breathable. If you want to know more,click here: jacquard mattress fabric .