Title: Complex and diverse knit jacquard fabric
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Blog Entry: Apart from the woven mattress fabric made with the help of jacquard loom, knitted jacquard fabric are also made, and jacquard fabric also refers to a rib-based, double jersey weft-knit fabric on which a figure or design appears in a different colour or texture. Fabrics are manufactured by weaving, knitting or non-woven process. Certain fabrics require special characteristics that are brought through different types of fabric weaves. Jacquard weaves are woven by jacquard machines to obtain this knitted jacquard mattress fabric.These looms allow individual control on interlacing of up to several hundred warp threads that can give birth to innumerable unique patterns. Double Knit Jacquard is recognisable by its reversibility because the fabric is truly double-sided and the back side does not show floats as expected compared to stranded knitting. A true double knit jacquard will have pattern on both sides and will be double thick and jacquard knitting technique will have a dotted effect on the back side. The floats created by the colour switches will be confined to the inside of the fabric. The jacquard knitting involves more colours than other styles. If you want to know more,click here: function mattress fabric .