Title: Admins of de-activate World of Warcraft server say they may meet with Blizzard
Blog Entry: The developers of your legacy World of Warcraft server that's drawn tremendous fan support since being ordered to de-activate say they have already been invited to talk to Blizzard Entertainment on its campus in southern California, portending some kind of your amicable resolution. The admins with the Nostalrius server OSRS Mobile Gold delivered the news for their community today. Nostalrius was closed April 10 after having a cease-and-desist notice from Blizzard Entertainment, leading with an outcry one of many tens of a large number of fans wishing to experiment with "vanilla" or even an older version of World of Warcraft, without any of the expansions. Such servers can be a violation from the MMO's relation to its use. Following a tense two weeks during which fans poured out disappointment and gathered some 250,000 signatures over a petition demanding Nostalrius' reopening, Blizzard on Monday responded in carefully chosen words about its respect for RS Mobile Gold fans who enjoyed a vintage Warcraft and as well its responsibility to shield its intellectual property. The Nostalrius team repeat the server had greater than 800,000 registered accounts as well as a daily active user peak of about 10,000 before it got the shutdown notice.