Title: Abnormal Sound of Paddy Cleaner Equipment
Tags: Paddy Cleaner
Blog Entry: During the operation, people found that the windshield of the Paddy Cleaner (LIANGGONG) equipment made abnormal noise, which has a great relationship with the compliance of the windshield. Most of them are because the welding points are rough during the cleaning, and the edge of the small flap of the windshield is inconsistent. When the assembly is often caused by friction with the end of the rotor, it needs to be adjusted in time. Electromagnetic sound of paddy cleaner equipment There is also a type of noise that belongs to the electromagnetic sound. It is divided into high frequency and low frequency. The reason may be that the mechanical axis of the paddy cleaner equipment has poor conformity of the core groove, the core is not good, and the rotor outer diameter is inconsistently processed. It is generally recommended that people use the rotor replacement method to eliminate and solve the problem. After using the paddy cleaner equipment for a period of time, due to the influence of the environment and operation mode, some abnormal sounds will appear, and the longer the equipment is used, the greater the probability of such failures. Therefore, only by knowing the cause of the abnormal sound and solving it effectively can we ensure the normal production and efficiency of the equipment. Click  Rice Destoner  to learn about more information.