Title: The Advantages of Solar Led Street Light During Use
Tags: Solar led street light
Blog Entry: Street lights are a necessity for us, and many of us may also open it for the rest of our lives or longer. There are many reasons for highlighting this fact. The pressure of traditional street lamps is very low and the visibility at night is very low. On the contrary, due to its environmental and budget-friendly features, the renovation of Solar led street light (classicledlight) is now considered by many to be the best method today. light pollution: Traditional street lights tend to expose the light laterally to the atmosphere, which can cause light pollution and can also affect humans in a negative way. In contrast, solar led street light have no glare, which is very beneficial for reducing light pollution. Photometric performance and heat sink performance: Traditional street lamps are usually made up of high-pressure sodium lamps, so traditional street lamps have quite poor photometric performance and heat sink performance, but in solar led street light, you will find that both are very fine. safe question: In the traditional street lamp electrical performance, there is a lot of possibility of electric shock (high voltage), but due to the relatively low voltage characteristics, the solar led street light is 100% safe. Life comparison: The life of traditional street lamps is very short, that is, only 5,000 hours. If you choose solar led street light, the life expectancy will increase greatly. Comparison of energy consumption: Compared to 250 metal halide lamps, solar led street light can help you save up to 60% - 80% of energy. There is a significant difference between the brightness of solar led street light and traditional street lights. In addition, solar street lights have a very good integrated system with excellent performance, which is not found in traditional street lighting systems. In short, there are many benefits to installing and using solar led street light. Click Led street lights to learn about more information.