Title: Making 2h ranged viable
Blog Entry: There are a few issues adverse 2h ranged.1. Too agnate to magic, so abridgement of action triangle diversity.2. Bifold apply ranged is bigger because of aggravate bang and bakriminel bolts.3. Salt the Wound and Mutated Dazing Attempt (the abilities which were declared to perform 2h ranged viable) usually are not acceptable to utilize due towards OSRS Gold the adversity of architecture and advancement stacks.So the afterward is my proposed solution. Makes ranged somewhat altered from magic, gives 2h ranged a little addict to accompany it afterpiece to on par with bifold wield, and makes Puncture assemblage artisan applicable and anniversary using.Double Puncture Basal adeptness for 2h ranged weapons 12 additional cooldown (20 ticks). Does 36%-180% adeptness accident by 50 percent abstracted hits which do according damage.Applies a Puncture assemblage for anniversary hit that Buy OSRS Gold acreage and refreshes continuance on absolute Puncture stacks. Your next hit has 1% analytical adventitious admission per Puncture assemblage for the target.This is hardly weaker than dragonbreath and snipe.